How To Root Your Android Device Without Computer 2022 Update


How To Root Your Android Device Without Computer 2022 Update

What is rooting ?

Most android users do not really know what News rooting is all about but they still want to try it out in order to gain quick access to the awesome features of their android device like installation of new custom roms, overclocking their CPU etc after rooting and this is one of the reasons some rooted android smartphone users crash/brick their phones and end up regretting rooting their android at first.

Now,rooting is gaining full control of your android device which also means you now have full access to your android system credentials and be able to modify or tweak them as you like.

Now before we learn how to root your android device without PC lets quickly review some advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of rooting your android device

Rooting has a lot of cool added features your android device, although I can’t list it all am just going to give you the basic advantages of rooting that might or might not have heard about.

  • Saves your battery life: when you have gained root access on your android device, you can now restrict irrelevant system apps which drains your battery life from running on background and this can save a lot of battery juice.
  • Speeds up your android device: With root access you can boost your android device speed by over clocking your CPU with some root apps like CPU master and among others.
  • Install new custom ROMS: you can now change your android device pre installed custom ROM to the one of your choice and liking with root access on your android device.
  • You can now uninstall irrelevant pre installed system apps: root access grants you permission to uninstall old and no longer needed system apps.
  • Use apps that require root access: some cool apps always require root access before you can be able to use it and with root access you can now use them as you like.
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Disadvantages of rooting your android device

Every thing that has an advantage obviously has a disadvantage as well.Even as sweet as rooting is, it still has it’s own disadvantages

  • Your android device is now vulnerable to virus attacks: Some root apps have malicious codes in them and this could turn into virus once installed on your android device and this is a major disadvantage of rooting.


Do not install root apps from untrusted sites.

  • You lose your android warranty: your android warranty is lost and the company no longer take blame of harms done to your android device.


Wait for warranty period to end before rooting or ignore

  • You risk bricking your android device: While trying to install new custom ROMs you could get your android device stuck in its recovery mode and it could be tough to solve.

I only gave the popular advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android device as their are many others you can find out yourself.

How to root your android device without a PC

The part you have all been waiting for. Now, to root your android device without a PC we would need some rooting apps which are not really available on playstore but you can still get them from other application store online.

Kingroot : This rooting app is surely one of the most popular and trusted among android users even I also used this app and has confirmed it’s authenticity.

So now the procedure’s

Firstly, download the root app from their website or anyother app site and install it on your android device.’On’ your data connection and open the application.

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Click on start rooting.

Relax and wait for about 5 minutes until the application transfers you to another screen showing you that your android device is now rooted.And it is done.

Note: your android device might reboot during the process but do not worry.

Framaroot: This is also a basic rooting app but unlike king root you do not need internet connection to root your android phone and it can also root stubborn non mtk devices.

All you need to do is download from framaroot site or other application website and install it.

Choose any of the exploits and your android device will reboot and it will automatically install super SU for you,which you can use to grant root permission to root apps.

And that is it your android device is successfully rooted.Now its up to you to choose the app you’d like to root your android device for you.

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