How to get your Discord token


How to get your Discord token

When you create a Discord account, you are assigned a token. Your Discord token is separate from your username, tag, and password, and will allow whoever has it to log into your account. Knowing what it is will allow you to better protect yourself and safeguard your account. Here’s how to get your Discord token.

Your Discord token is an encryption of your Discord username and password that is generated when you create your account. Comprised of a series of numbers and letters, your Discord token is an authorization code for accessing Discord’s servers. It “authenticates” every action that you take on Discord, and can also be used to log into your account.

If someone else knows your token, they can hack into your account and will have full access to all of your Discord account information.

How to get your Discord token

Go to the Discord website on your desktop browser and log into your account.log in on browser

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Next, press Ctrl+Shift+I (or Cmd+Option+I on Mac) on your keyboard to enter Developer Tools. Click Network from the toolbar at the network

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Reload the tab by pressing f5 to reload after on network

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There will be many more values within Network. Type /api into the field marked Filter. From the results below, click library.type api in filter then library

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Within library, click the Headers tab. Scroll down until you see authorization. This is your Discord token.

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