How To Fix Download Large Files Fail On Android 2022


How To Fix Download Large Files Fail On Android 2022

One of the major problems that Android Internet users face is downloading large files fail. Everyone wants to know How to Download Large Files Without Fail.

Here at I’ve received a lot of complain that most people got download fail when downloading a large file on their android smart phones.

There are many reasons for this type of failure. Browsers and their small download managers are not designed to download large files, and even, they do not allow many times to pause the download. 

How to fix large files download fail

There are many ways to fix large files download fail on Android as follows:

Firstly, use Free Download Manager (FDM). This app is available on the play store so you install the app on your mobile device. On mobile devices, you have to paste the download link of any file in the FDM app and it will start downloading the file for you without getting fail.

My second method is to use alternative browser. I understand that most of the people used google chrome to download a large files, but for me It’s not my favorite to download but favorite for others activities.

I compared and contrast the most popular browsers that will download a large files without failing.

Here are some of my comparison for Google Chrome, UC browser, Opera mini, Firefox and Microsoft edge.

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The browsers with most percentage is the one that I prefer to use most.

BrowsersMy Experience (%)
Google Chrome20%
UC Browser30%
Opera Mini20%
Microsoft Edge13%

I have never got download fail with UC Browser, and I always choose it as my favorite browser to download big files on my android device.

Download UC Browser for Android

If you have another alternative ways to fix this problem you can make a comment below.

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