Realme Watch 3 To Appear On The Digital Market In India Soon


The latest smartwatch of the Realme brand is set to be released in the Indian market probably before the end of the year. If you recall, the Realme Watch 3 was revealed in India among the likes of other smart devices and even the pad X tablet. The brand announced the Pad X, Buds Air 3 Neo, and the Watch 3 recently only in India and according to sources, these devices would soon appear in the digital world.

The brand also launched another set of additional devices like the Smart Keyboard, Realme Pencil, Wireless 2s, and also a Flat Monitor all of which are already available in India. Many customers following the Realme brand cannot wait to get their hands on the Watch 3 according to multiple sources.

Realme Watch 3 has been tipped to have cool features owing to the fact that it has been creating buzz through the digital world even before it was launched officially. The smartwatch has an eye-catching outward appearance the difference between the Watch 3 and its predecessor (Realme Watch 2) appears to be that it has a 35% bigger display and features a metallic chassis that improves its overall appearance.

To further improve it, it is also loaded with a robust battery that offers standard durability. The Realme Watch 3 works perfectly with Bluetooth as a calling feature and supports ANC as well. According to early reports, the selling price of the Realme Watch 3 will be around INR 4000 and will be available in India on the Flipkart platform before any other third-party seller.

Moreover, you can also be purchased the watch from Realme’s official website although the price will be slightly different and might come for as high as INR 4999. However, there are speculations about a possible 40% discount on the original asking price on Flipkart and the company.

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Once it has been fully released to the market, end-users will get it for a lower price of INR 2999. Also, you will be able to get at least a 10% off depending on the kind of bank credit card you use for making payment for the transaction.

According to a claim by Chinese Gadget Review, Realme Watch 3 will be available in India on the 2nd of August at 12 pm on the Flipkart store. We await further speculations about the authenticity of this date.

NOTE : The smartwatch will go on sale starting August 2 and will be available online on and Realme will also be giving a discount of Rs 500 to the customers on the first sale of the smartwatch. So, during the first sale, customers will get the Realme Watch 3 at Rs 2,999.

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