Apple Watch Pro to reportedly feature ‘a fresh design’


The next-generation Apple Watch Series 8 is anticipated to be released in the upcoming months, along with the high-end Apple Watch Pro, the company’s first rugged smartwatch.

According to the most recent report from Mark Gurman on Bloomberg, the next Apple Watch Pro will have a new look and won’t have the same square appearance as Apple’s prior wearables.

Mark Gurman stated in the most recent newslatter that the high-end Apple Watch, which will debut later this year, will have larger screen size and that only a small portion of buyers will find it comfortable. Comparing the device to the Watch Series 7 versions, the screen size is said to be about 7% larger.

Regarding the redesign, he claims that the new smartwatch’s shape is neither circular nor squared off. The design is anticipated to be an improvement over the current rectangular shape.

According to reports, the company chose a more robust titanium body formulation to give the wearable a tough appearance. The smartwatch is expected to have a longer battery life that might last several days on a single charge using a new Low Power Mode, in addition to some sophisticated capabilities connected to health and fitness.

Later this year, along with the new Apple iPhone 14 series, the Apple Watch Series 8 and the new rugged Apple Watch Pro are expected to become official. This indicates that we still have a few months to get more information regarding Apple’s upcoming smartwatches.

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