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Best December Series To Watch On Netflix (2022) Trending Now



In this article, we have searched through the Netflix library and hand-picked the top 5, entertaining Netflix series that we love and are available to watch in 2022.

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A note about how this list was made: In the interest of keeping it relevant, we’re emphasizing new releases, shows recently added to Netflix, and Netflix originals, but we’ve also made sure to add the shows we personally can’t stop recommending to our friends. We’ll be updating it regularly.

Last updated Dec. 20; newer additions are at the top

1. Alice in Borderland

If you’re a fan of Squid GameAlice in Borderland is by far the show most often compared to it. The premise: Arisu, a genius gamer who never lived up to his potential, suddenly finds himself in an abandoned version of Tokyo where he must compete in life-threatening games to avoid getting lasered in the head by a mysterious entity. If you survive, you get granted a several-day “visa,” after which you have to willingly return to another game. Naturally, alliances are formed, friendships are tested, and betrayals are inevitable. Watch season 1 available now before season 2 comes out December 22.

2. The Recruit

Noah Centineo is returning to Netflix with a brand-new series, and it’s not another gooey rom-com you’d expect. This spy thriller features Centineo as a newbie CIA lawyer who gets involved in tricky international conflicts and dangerous parties when an asset tries to expose her relation to the agency. All eight episodes of the first season will drop December 16.

3. Emily in Paris

Chicago marketing exec Emily Cooper lands her dream job in Paris, only to find that the culture clash is far worse than she expected, especially when it comes to a critical boss and highly judgmental coworkers. In season two, the overwhelmingly American but likable Emily continues (read: struggles) to find her feet in the French capital. FYI, season 4 is coming to Netflix December 21.

4. Too Hot to Handle

You might be a bit skeptical of this one based on the trailer (so were we), but turns out that watching a bunch of people try to handle their libidos is more entertaining than we thought it would be. The steamy reality show forces 10 extremely attractive singles to live together, but with one caveat: a $100,000 celibacy challenge, with any violations docking the prize money. Mark your calendar for season 4 coming December 7.

5. Wednesday 

A new series from Tim Burton, Wednesday (yes, from the infamous Addams family) stars as a brooding high school student at Nevermore Academy, where she attempts to control her psychic powers and unpack a murder mystery connected to her family’s past.

Others will be listed in our next post keep update on our blog.


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